This clothing boutique was centered around teaching my children to be their own business and to start at an early age. This boutique is for little people and owned by little people. 

The meaning behind the name: I wanted to incorporate their names somewhere in the name of their business since they were the owners. So with their 1st initials being R and X, I thought of a prescription. Then thought, hmmm I need it to flow.  What do you do with a prescription, you prescribe a DOSAGE. A dosage of what? Clothing. So clothing prescribed for kids. They choose their own styles to sell.  They learn the mathematics behind the scenes including how to price and how to round up numbers.  They learn the business and appreciate the hard work it takes to own a business.  They understand the language of business at an early age to hopefully be instilled in them at a later age.  All proceeds go towards their savings accounts and they learn the art of saving and using monies meant for business use. FBLA.